Small Business Coordinator

Ariana Ulloa-Olavarrieta

City of Columbus

Ariana serves as the Small Business Coordinator for the City of Columbus’ Economic Development Division. Deeply rooted in the world of business development, with degrees in Economics, a background in the banking industry and a small startup company on her resume, Ariana was already considered a leader in her field when she joined the City.Previously, she was an Executive Coach for the LIGHTS Regional Innovation Network at Ohio University and Director of the Ohio SBDC at Columbus State Community College. She serves as chair of the boards of the Mid-Ohio Food Collective and Avanza Together; and the board of Community Capital Development Corporation (CCDC). Previous boards include New Directions Career Center, the Hispanic Chamber of Columbus, and ACEnet. With her previous work experience in the financial industry and as a business owner herself (Aleri Business Strategies), she focuses on helping entrepreneurs work in their business while working on their overall vision. Ariana believes planning for the future while working on the present is key to success.Ariana is a graduate of Ohio University, holding a Masters in Financial Economics and a BA in Economics with specializations in Latin American Studies, Spanish and German. Born in Mexico City, Ulloa-Olavarrieta immigrated to the United States when she was 5 years old. She has been supporting the small business community as a coach for new and existing entrepreneurs throughout most of her career.